Sile , sile ♥ ♥

Sile , sile ♥ ♥
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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Cha on the way to JB . Hopefully that he will in good condition . So worried bout you sygs :( You are part of my life . Every my single precious moments you are always there . Since you come into my life , im going on to the happy go lucky person plus a lil' bit CENGENG :) Anyway , everything that i am really desire for , he will try to get it . OMG! You can see how much he loves me right ? I want to spend my whole life with you ONLY sygs . Let my past story be the past and i don't want to turn back . He was not deserved for me . What can i say , THANKS SO MUCH "MAKES ME MORE MATURED" THROUGH THIS WORLD OF LOVE . WITHOUT "THEM" , I AM STILL NOT REALIZE AND AWARE WHOSE LOVES AND NEEDS ME MORE~! HUHS . Last word , I am not regret by knowing you Mr. HJ :)

p/s ; sorry fer da grammar error . ghee~!

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